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USVAGA would like to thank all of you who came out to celebrate with us. Below are the portraits and candid pictures taken at the party.

CANDIDS - You will be able to download any candid photos you wish.

PORTRAITS - Portraits are offered at a low cost for prints or large downloads. Small social media size downloads are free of charge. You will also be able to change the backdrop for any image in this folder.

Some photos were not taken by Bruce and may show off the backdrops, these images can not be corrected without extensive editing. If you choose to purchase any of these images, they will be edited before printing. If you choose to download the free lo-res file, they are as is.

TO DOWNLOAD LOW RES FILE - Click the download icon found below each image file. You will receive a low resolution file. This file can only be used for web purposes such as social media. It will not print well.


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